Decoupage, Ceramic Heart Range

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Click here to view our range of ceramic decoupage wall hearts in different shapes, sizes and colours and sets, if we donít have the colour you are after in stock, feel free to email us in our contact box. Made to compliment your home, these make fantastic present for all those special occasions form motherís day, valentineís day, Christmas or just to have in the cupboard as a special present, A special way of saying I Love you or I Care and these are great to give for the sentimental, meaning full side of life, to give


Pure Shaped Flowers and floral Hearts

Click here to view our range of Pure shaped Decoupage Floral and flower range of hearts each one measures...

Pure Shaped Kiwi Flavour Range of Hearts

Click here to view our range of Pure shaped Kiwi Flavour range of Decoupage hearts and other items that...

Pure shaped Patterned and print range of Hearts

Click here to view our range of Pure shaped patterns and prints range of Decoupage Floral and flower range...

Pure shaped Hearts and Love Range of Hearts

A Range of Hearts and Words

Pure shaped Musical Hearts range of Hearts

Musical Pure Hearts

Pure shaped Little Girls Room and babies range of hearts

Click here to view our range of Pure shaped Decoupage range of hearts each one measures 12.5 cm...

Pure shaped french and floral range of Hearts

French Styled range of Hearts

Pure shaped range of Angels

A Range of Angel and Cherub Hearts

Pure shaped range of Butterfly Hearts

A Range of Butterfly Pure Hearts

Pure Shaped range of Bird Hearts

A Range Of lovely Birds

Pure shaped range of Owl Hearts

A range of Owls Hoot, Hoot Great for the collector

Pure Heart range of Vintage Hearts

Range of lovely Vintage Hearts

Pure shape range of Retro Hearts and black and white prints


Pure shape range of Lace Hearts

Click here to view our range of Pure shaped Decoupage lace range of hearts each one measures 12.5...

Pure shaped, These didnt fit into Catogories Hearts :) Allsorts

From dragonfly's to tea cups

Xtra Large Size Ceramic Hearts Range


Baby Shaped Ceramic Hearts Range

Click here to see our range of Baby Hearts Decoupage Hearts Avavilible in a set of three, these baby...