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Click here to view our range of Hearts we offer different sizes, shapes, colours, glazed, French decoupage, speciality decoupage, one off hand made solid hearts personalised and also glass hearts, and jewellery, all with hangers attached and ready hang or to give to those you love, we have crosses that match some of our hearts, and if they are not in stock and you are after one that is not listed, please feel free to email us. Our Hearts are made to compliment your home or garden, these make fantastic present for all those special occasions form mother’s day, valentine’s day, Christmas, New Christenings, baby presents, Wedding and Engagement Presents, Anniversaries ( As we can usually match something for the year or inscribe into the back, or a one off solid piece is fantastic for such special occasions)or just to have in the cupboard as a special present, A special way of saying I Love you or I Care and these are great to give for the sentimental, meaning full side of life, to give someone hope, peace, comfort, faith or joy or just to let them know that you love them and you are there and thinking of them, Enjoy your browsing
All our items are handmade with love and care in New Zealand, from our moulds to our finished product, truly a New Zealand made item. Please click on the shape that you are after to view the patterns or colours in each range as each shape in some ranges will have different coverings here are just some of the finishes you will find thru our hearts, Angels, Hearts Roses, Peonies, Lillie’s, antiqued patterns, ribbons, pearls, korus, Paua, musical notes sunflowers, butterflies, monarchs, blue bells, retro designs, fleur de lays, French, etc, etc we have over 250 designs available in our decoupage range, so something to meet anyone’s needs, our hearts range in size from sets of three baby hearts to large and extra large hearts, and did we say again, all handmade with love and care, by me here in New Zealand!


Decoupage, Ceramic Heart Range

Click here to view our range of ceramic decoupage wall hearts in different shapes, sizes and colours and sets, if...

Large Ceramic Hearts

Large Ceramic Wall Hanging Heart, Measuring 14.2 cm wide x 16.5 long x 4.5 deep

BeJewelled Ceramic Hearts Range

A Gorgeous range of Ceramic glazed Hearts that have gorgeous jewels attached to give a stunning jewelled effect,,, these are...

Expressions, Giftware and Collector Hearts Range, Ceramic Hearts nz

Click Here to veiw our range of expressioante, Giftware and collector Hearts Some are one off and some are in...

Glazed Ceramic Hearts Range

Click here to view our range of glazed ceramic wall hearts in different shapes, sizes and colours and sets, if...

Deluxe Decopage Heart Sets and canvases Range

Click Here to Veiw our range of Deluxe Decouparge, sets, quality canvases, different shaped hearts, one off pieces decouparge jeweled,...

Ceramic Hearts, Handmade One off Pieces Range

Click here to veiw an assortment of our one off pieces some are solid, some are cast handpainted pieces,,,

Designer Hearts

Gorgeous Shaped 3 dimensional Hearts with different finishes from french whites and distressed , decoupage and specialty glazes ...


Beautifel Hand painted Hearts Ceramic Glazed

French Designer Hearts

An Assortment of different Finishes, not glazed, in our designer Heart size, these are so lovely to give or to...

Large Ceramic Hearts

Vintage Hand made Hearts